About this website



This website is not directly affiliated with the real Illuminati organization but does have very close bonds with it. (if you believe....)

We are former Illuminati members and our lifelong mission is to keep the Illuminati ideology alive by enlightening people as much as we can. (such as enlightening our sarcastic LAUGHTER)

Why aren't we involved in the official Illuminati anymore?

Well, it is not easy to tell everything and every reason but we can say we had some problems with some people there and we decided to go unofficial and serve the Illuminati on our own ways. (some taco issues)

Why aren't we exposing our real names and where we are from?

We can not. We don't have the right to tell you who we are but here is a hint for you: We are people living in Berlin. (yea sure sure...)

How does the publishing of content on this website work?

Think of it as a chain surrounding the world. We write things in a language that we should not tell which and whatever we write (including this) gets translated by our fellow friends who know some English. After the translation from "the language" to English, we send our writings to another friend of ours who live far away from Germany and ask him to publish it on the blog from his IP address and make sure we are safe. (what a sci-fi story we wrote here)

Why do we have ads?

opss we got caught! (muhahahahah)


 As the Illuminati we are always onto making you scared. Some of you emailed us and said "do you even fart during a ritual?" Yea w...