We are the POWER

 Some people argue that we as the Illuminati are NOT powerful, some say we don't EXIST and some writers and individuals argue if we are real or not.

Here is our answer: We are powerful, we exist since 1776, and yes we are REAL.

There is an extra information you should know about us. We sometimes say we always see you and we control the world but it is not that simple. We may be powerful, we may be seeing you (to help you) and we may control some things but we might not be as powerful as you think we are. 

For example, even if we say we control a lot, indeed we only control few key elements in the civilization.

We control some companies, we control some of the money, we see what some people are doing and we help them but we are also fragile. We depend on others. We can not rule the whole world and not every powerful system is under our control.

Imagine us like a rich billionaire. We control billions but we do not control all the billions out there.

We can decide on what we do with our power but we can not decide for things and people out of our reach.

We sometimes get powerful because people support us and sometimes we collapse as it happened in history. But we never give up. When we lose it all, we start again.

Yes we are the power, the power that you allow us to have. Nothing more.

If people are against us, we collapse and think what we have done that made us unacceptable. 

When we solve our faults, we start again, fresh and from scratch.

Some people in our ideology are bad, rude, against human rights, against religions but not all of us.

We repeat, we are like a rich billionaire. We are not a collection of all the billionaires.

We have faults, we are fragile like any other ideology.

We are no longer an official group or organisation in that matter. We are "official" (not we who write this) but the word "official" is not the sort of official a company or a government is. We decide upon this and we call ourselves that way. It is more like a "legitimate ideology that exist". So what does it mean we, the writers of this web page are no longer official Illuminati members?

It means we went against some parts of the ideology and people who are accepted as the leading figures of the ideology. We are not "THE" but "A" illuminati ideology group.


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